Scope Art Fair 2009 New York City

UGL © Karley Klopenstein courtesy Cahrest-Weinberg Gallery

Scope was this year one of the most interesting satellite fairs to the Armory Art Fair. There were 50 US and international galleries in a big tent attached to the Lincoln Center.


I liked the work of Karley Klopfenstein at the booth of the Miami based Charest-Weinberg Gallery. She makes reproductions of firearms in a carpeting technique. Or she does traditional carpets with tanks and helicopters on it. In her way she brings the realities of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan back to the comfort of our living rooms.


  Then there was a poetic wall installation by the Californian artist Ryan Wolfe at the Brooklyn gallery Dam Stuhltrager: It was a kinetic object consisting of leaves moving like butterflies on the wall. The movements were a reaction to movements and sounds surrounding the work. Quite spectacular

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.   The artist was inspired by the famous quote of the early chaos theory by Edward Lorenz: ‘Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?’    
UGL © Gregory Euclide courtesy David B. Smith Gallery


The David B. Smith Gallery of Denver showed some interesting work by the American artist Gregory Euclide. The wall objects were torn and deformed paintings of landscapes within a plastic cover. There is an interesting tension between nature (or our imagination of ‘wild’ nature) and artificial.


© Mark courtesy Lichtfeld Gallery


The Swiss Lichtfeld Gallery presented the claustrophobic kinetic object ‘Sichel’ of 2009 by the Swiss artist Marck. It was a mixed media of a video installation with a real blade swinging from one side to another. A (video) woman was seeking to escape from it.


The combination of real and virtual (video) objects gives his video installations a very interesting aspect.


It reminded me of the short story ‘The pit and the pendulum’ by Edgar Allen Poe.


(C) Marck courtesy Lichtfeld Gallery


I also liked the other video installation 'Turkish Bath' by Marck. It was a woman in a large swimming pool on video. There was also painted wood glued upon the video screen. The woman was trying to escape from this 'prison'.


The title might give the reference of the female struggle between traditional and modern role of women in Turkish society.


I like these works, but I wonder why the artist only seems to be using women as actors for his videos.



In general I think, the 2009 NYC Scope art fair was worth the visit.


by U. G. L.


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Roger, 16-04-09 13:33
I was also at this art fair.

There were not to many people, but the art was presented in a very good way.

I especially liked the work of Ryan Wolfe.

gozbdfc, 01-10-12 13:07
gxbjqpp, 02-10-12 09:35

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