Rudolf Stingel at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin

Rudolf Stingel: 'LIVE', 2010, Installation view / Installationsansicht 1; Foto: David von Becker © Verein der Freunde der Nationalgalerie

In 1908, the modernist architect Adolf Loos referred to ornaments as crime. If this were still the dominant dogma, Rudolf Stingel would be the Ernst Stavro Blofeld of modern art.


For his exhibition at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin, Mr. Stingel transferred this shrine of modernist architecture by Mies van der Rohe into his style of living room atmosphere. For the floor, he commissioned a gigantic rug with floral ornaments on it. Additionally, there is an impressive gigantic crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling.


In 1991, Mr. Stingel had his first solo show in New York: He placed a monochrome orange carpet on the floor of the Paula Cooper Gallery. ‘Artists have always been accused of being decorative. I just went to the extreme.’


On the lower floor, there are four large new paintings by Rudolf Stingel. One of them is 'Staffelalp' with conceptual references to Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Stingel painted it in a photorealistic style after a photographic negative used by the German expressionist Kirchner. As an ironic 'signature' he even painted the fingerprint of Kirchner from the negative into his painting.



Rudolf Stingel: 'Staffelalp (after Ernst Ludwig K.), 2008, oil on canvas; 335 x 460 cm; © Rudolf Stingel courtesy Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin


The South-Tyrolean-born artist is a conceptual artist, who frequently challenges the way we perceive art. The French mega-collector Francois Pinault collects his work intensively: Stingel’s wall objects were in the two opening shows of his two Venice museums Punta della Dogana (2009) and Palazzo Grassi (2006). The wall objects were covered with monochrome white or black stereotype floral ornaments.


Yet, his fame is not limited to private collectors: In 2003, Mr. Stingel contributed to the Venice Biennial in 2006 to the Whitney Biennial.



by Chris Neuschler




Rudolf Stingel: ‘Live’ at the Neue Nationalgallerie in Berlin, Germany

Trough 24 May 2010




(c) George Condo: 'Integrated Forms (Birnam Wood)' 2009 Oil and pastel on linen 80 x 60 inches 203.2 x 152.4 cm


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