François Pinault’s New Museum in Venice

Punta Della Dogana (C) Premier Art Scene

The French mega collector François Pinault opened his new museum in the heart of the city of Venice, Italy.


Besides his existing museum in Venice, Palazzo Grassi, he now shows a choice of his large collection also at Punta della Dogana. It was a historic customs building right at the entrance of the city.


Palazzo Grassi (C) Premier Art Scene

The Japanese architect Tadao Ando did an excellent job: He carefully restored the original façades and put very light and contemporary concrete walls inside the existing structure. This gives a nice dialogue of the old and the new.




Mr. Pinault, who controls companies like Gucci group, Puma or Christie's, is one of the biggest collectors in the world. He is for sure a professional in the business of brand items. ‘Mapping the Studio’ shows a mix of the big International (brand) names of the last decades and blends it with work of younger artists.




‘My Lonesome Cowboy’ by Takashi Murakami (C) photo by Premier Art Scene

Many famous pieces are here: ‘Ah, Pinault owns this too!’ is what I thought many times. ‘My Lonesome Cowboy’ by Takashi Murakami or ‘Fucking Hell’ by Jake and Dinos Chapman are two of these examples.



This selection of Pinault’s collection shows excellent pieces like the installation ‘Untitled. (One Hundred Spaces)’ of 1995 by Rachel Whiteread.


‘Untitled. (One Hundred Spaces)’ of 1995 by Rachel Whiteread (C) photo by Premier Art Scene


Or Maurizio Cattelan’s horse in the wall ‘Untitled’ of 2007.


Maurizio Cattelan 'Untitled' (c) photo by Premier Art Scene


At Palazzo Grassi, there was a fine series by Richard Prince of 2006/7. It is called 'Untitled (deKooning)'. He blended his own photos with deKoonings women. There might also be a little Picasso too...



Richard Prince 'Untitled (deKooning)' of 2006 (c) photo by Premier Art Scene


I especially liked the conceptual baroque works ‘Untitled’ of 2008 by Rudolf Stingel in black and white.


‘Untitled’ of 2008 by Rudolf Stingel (c) photo by Premier Art Scene


However, there are also works that do not touch me in any way. Like most of the Murakamis or Martial Raysse’s painting ‘L’Enface deBacchus’ of 1991.


Martial Raysse ‘L’Enface deBacchus’ of 1991 (C) photo by Premier Art Scene

The show curated by Alison M. Gingeras and Francesco Bonami in general is worth to see. In contrary to this year's Venice Biennial there are many big names and famous works of art.


I personally did not like the somewhat morbid mood it has. Nevertheless, that might go well with Venice.


The exhibition will be open to the public from 6 June 2009 in Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana.


by UGL.



UGL. leaving Palazzo Grassi (C) Premier Art Scene



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