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The Young Liste Art Fair in Basel 2009

I think the 14th edition of Liste art fair in Basel was not as good as the one last year.


Liste serves for some galleries as pole position to be accepted to Art Basel - the heaven for art dealers.


It always has been Liste's policy to select young galleries with 'trend-setting positions by artists under 40'.  This concept of Liste as 'talent show' also brings with it that some positions work others do not. Mostly because they look like the me-too version of somebody else.


However, there were also interesting works of art:


  I liked the piece by Sophie Bueno-Bouteiller at the booth of Circus gallery, Berlin. It is a pale material painting in dusty white

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Dionisis Kavallieratos: 'The Old Bordello on the Hill of Sold Souls # 4' courtesy by Bugada & Cargnel (Cosmic Galerie), Paris (c) photo by Premier Art Scene


The current trend towards classic drawings was also visible at Liste: Bugada & Cargnel (Cosmic Galerie), Paris, showed a large drawing by Dionisis Kavallieratos: 'The Old Bordello on the Hill of Sold Souls # 4' is the artist's imagined mausoleum or a dreamt place after death. The heads at the front of the mausoleum show a selection of faces of classic archetypes to members of the band Black Sabbath. Quite scary!


Navid Nuur: 'Thresholder (as Pilar)' courtesy by Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam (c) photo by Premier Art Scene


There was also an interesting sculpture by the Dutch artist Navid Nuur shown at the booth of Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam: 'Thresholder (as Pilar)'. It is made of 800 coated oasis blocks (also used to arrange flowers). Up at the top of they were more and more hand chapped. Interesting.



The same artist also did the sculpture titled: 'Some bad ideas turned into a bigger better sculpture' of 2007 - 2009.


David Nuur: 'Some bad ideas turned into a bigger better sculpture' of 2007 - 2009 courtesy by Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam (c) photo by Premier Art Scene


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