Fisher Collection goes to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Andy Warhol: Triple Elvis, 1962; acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas; 82" x 118"; Doris and Donald Fisher Collection; © Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts / ARS, New York / courtesy of SFMOMA

Donald and Doris Fisher have been intensively collecting modern and contemporary art for more than 40 years. The economic success of their Gap clothing chain provided the deep pockets necessary to put together this first-class collection.


Two days before the death of Donald Fisher (81) an agreement had been signed: More than 1.100 works of the collection will be lent to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA).


Gerhard Richter: #Two Candles [Zwei Kerzen]', 1982; oil on linen; 48" x 40"; Doris and Donald Fisher Collection; © Gerhard Richter / courtesy SFMOMA


The Fishers will create a trust, administered in collaboration with SFMOMA, to oversee the care of their collection at the museum, renewable after 25 years.


This agreement pushes SFMOMA up into the top five of US contemporary art museums. The Fisher collection is really impressive with many important pieces by Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter, David Hockney and the like.



David Hockney: 'Interior with Sun and Dog' 1988; oil on canvas; 60" x 72"; Doris and Donald Fisher Collection; © David Hockney / Courtesy SFMOMA

SFMOMA is in the planning phase for a major expansion that will triple the museum's gallery space.


Upon completion of SFMOMA's planned expansion, works from the Fisher Collection will be on display in a new wing that will also incorporate art from the museum's collection. In addition, works from the Fisher Collection will be interwoven in existing galleries with SFMOMA's modern and contemporary holdings. Currently there is a debate about the purchase of an old fire station close to the museum.


Gerhard Richter: 'Janus' 1983; oil on canvas; 9' 10 1/8" x 98 3/8"; Doris and Donald Fisher Collection; © Gerhard Richter / courtesy SFMOMA

For a long time there were close ties with SFMOMA: Don Fisher first joined the SFMOMA Board of Trustees in 1983. The couple supported many exhibitions over the years. In addition, through gifts from The Gap Foundation and Banana Republic, they have generously supported KidstART free admission for children and the like.


SFMOMA is organizing a major exhibition of the Fisher Collection that is scheduled to open in summer 2010 as part of its 75th anniversary celebration.


I think it is good that the Fisher collection will stay in the Fisher’s hometown San Francisco.



by Chris Neuschler




Maureen, 18-11-09 15:26
Thank god this wonderful collection stays in San Francisco!

The Fisher family are real philanthropists, who don't forget their roots.

Thank you Don & Doris!!!
Rick, 26-11-09 00:21
Yes, Don Fisher was a cool guy!

Thank you in the name of SF art lovers!!!

Artrell, 28-09-12 12:35
I'm impressed! You've managed the amlsot impossible.
thy, 06-09-18 05:36
Very informative post. Thanks for sharing.
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