Pierre Huyghe's Work at Auepark's Compost Site

Installation view of Pierre Huyghe's contribution for dOCUMENTA(13) (c) the artist, photo by PAS


It seems French artist Pierre Huyghe put entire modernity at Auepark's compost site for open air composting.


At first sight, there was a big mess. Then you realized some details: One of the 7,000 Beuys oaks had been uprooted. There was an exact pile of square-cut concrete slabs. A pile of broken concrete pieces might have symbolized the broken dream of eternal advance and mobility. Besides it, there was an ant's nest. It had almost the same size.



Installation view of Pierre Huyghe's contribution for dOCUMENTA(13) (c) the artist, photo by PAS


During preview week, you could watch art world celebrities in suits and elegant shoes or dresses and high-heels trying to find their ways through this mud without getting all too dirty. At the center of the mud installation, there was a classic white reclining nude. Nevertheless, you could not see the face, as a live beehive covered the entire head.



Installation view of Pierre Huyghe's contribution to dOCUMENTA(13) (c) the artist, photo by PAS


The bees flew around and pollinated aphrodisiac and psychotropic plants like Afghan poppy. More live animals were part of the work: There also should have been a dog with a pink leg, but we did not see it. There were tadpoles and little frogs in a mathematically squarish concrete container.


LV luxury Handbag Company was one of the sponsors of this work. Chris joked, 'These were the first LV tadpoles, I ever came across...'




by UGL.




Dong Song's dOCUMENTA(13) installation at Auepark, rubbish covered by earth and plants, the neon sign says in Chinese characters 'That which goes undone, goes undone in vain. That done in vain must still be done.' (c) the artist, photo by PAS


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