Giuseppe Penone at dOCUMENTA(13)

Giuseppe Penone at dOCUMENTA(13)
Giuseppe Penone 'Essere Fiume 6' of 1998 (c) the artist, photo by PAS


Guiseppe Penone (born in Italy in 1947) is one of the key players of the late 1960s art movement arte povera.




Ms. Carolyn Cristof-Bakargiev is a well-known expert in arte povera and so it is no surprise to have him here at the dOCUMENTA(13). Another reason is the show's focus on the relationship between art / artificial objects and nature. The piece titled 'Essere Fiume 6' (Being river 6) features a found river stone and an identically looking copy made from Carrara marble.


It is located in the programatic 'the brain' section of the Fridericianum.



Giuseppe Penone 'Idee di Pietra' (idea of the stone) of 2010, made of bronce and a grey river stone (c) the artist, photo by PAS


Another Penone work in the Karlsaue park focuses also on this issue of artificiality: There is an ordinary looking tree with a white stone on it. When you examine the tree carefully, you realize something is unreal: It is not a tree, but a sculpture of a tree made of bronce.



Detail of Giuseppe Penone 'Idee di Pietra' of 2010, (c) by the artist, photo by PAS


by Chris Neuschler



Dong Song's dOCUMENTA(13) installation at Auepark, rubbish covered by earth and plants, the neon sign says in Chinese characters 'That which goes undone, goes undone in vain. That done in vain must still be done.' (c) the artist, photo by PAS


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