Dana Schutz Shows New Paintings at Zach Feuer Gallery, NYC

The painting of Dana Schutz has become less scary than before: In her latest exhibition 'Missing Pictures' at Zach Feuer Gallery, NYC, there are no self-eaters or other monsters.




We also miss Frank the imaginary character she invented as model to be together with her as a painter being the last humans in an apocalyptic Dana Schutz parallel universe. (She already 'murdered' him in an earlier painting.)




In the paintings ‘Speech’ and ‘Signing’ both of 2009 there are people being torn apart or constructed from abstract composition

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Thinker, 2008 (C) Dana Schutz courtesy Zach Feuer, NYC

Still, traces of art history are cleverly left behind by her: A little David Hockney in the background and a little Rodin in the subject of ‘Thinker’ of 2008.




Car and Driver, 2009 (C) Dana Schutz courtesy Zach Feuer, NYC

Some paintings have in common that they are very narrative:

  • ‘Signing’ induces a historic contract(?) signing ceremony.
  • ‘Car and Driver’ of 2009 creates the image of a car accident with an injured child.




But again, Dana Schutz is too clever to let us figure out the full story.




Signing, 2009 (C) Dana Schutz courtesy Zach Feuer, NYC

Only the painting ‘Mollusk’ of 2008 brings up the tragic imagination that an ugly living thing came from the sea and happened to die at the beach.



I don’t know what made Dana Schutz choose subjects less scary - or easier to live with. They will be easier to sell. But they also might become soon a little boring.For me she seems to be struggling with figuration and abstraction within her own style of painting.



Mollusk, 2008 (C) Dana Schutz courtesy Zach Feuer, NYC


Dana Schutz, made an outstanding career in the last few years:


  • She got her first solo show in this gallery (formerly LFL) right after her MFA graduation 2002 from Columbia University, NYC.
  • Even before that she was already integrated in the group show ‘Portraits’ at PS 1 / MoMA in 2001.


Besides important museum contributions to



She is represented by galleries acting internationally:


  • Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin, Germany
  • Regina Gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • Zach Feuer, NYC, USA


I consider her the top brand name of the ‘Young Columbia Artists’. (© myself). A number of MFA graduates of Columbia University have done very well in recent years:


  • David Altmejd
  • Tamy Bent-Tor
  • Ryan Johnson
  • Dasha Shishkin
  • Kevin Zucker


Often they have been taken under contract right after graduating from Columbia University. Zach Feuer has been one of the first moving art dealers following this strategy: Bent-Tor, Shishkin and Schutz are all in his stable.





The show ‘Missing Pictures’ at Zach Feuer Gallery lasts from 13th March to 25th April 2009.






Annex:  According to Grace Evans of Zach Feuer gallery the exhibition was a great success.  All of the work (which ranged in price from $35,000-120,000) sold.





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View youtube video of the opening by James Kalm


Tony, 04-05-09 10:58
I like the simplicity of Dana's painting.
Deandre, 28-09-12 02:38
I was loonikg everywhere and this popped up like nothing!

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