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Welcome to Premier Art Scene.com


Premier Art Scene is a forum for International art, artists, art market, art galleries, museums and art fairs. It is not made primarily for theoretics, but for all art lovers and collectors of contemporary art. Our aim is to enlarge the interest in and the understanding of contemporary art.


It is not our goal to cover local art scenes. We know there is also excellent art of high quality out there. It is just not our issue.


How do we decide about which art is part of the premier art scene and which is not?


We focus on the 4 art fairs in:



We consider these currently the most important art fairs in the world. But we also take a look at some of the smaller side art fairs there and at the more important biennials.


The art we cover should be exhibited at these art fairs. This way we have most of the entrance quality decision work done by the quality committees of these art fairs.


This is a very art market oriented approach. Certainly, we do not like all the art that is exhibited at art fairs - as one also doesn' t like all the goods that are sold in a supermarket.


We write our personal opinion in our magazine because we are boared by the all too descriptive art 'cirticism'. We think, blogging one's personal honest opinion (which may also change with time) is the real future for contemporary art criticism. If you agree or disagree, feel invited to comment on our opinions.


Premier Art Scene is a non-profit venture. We get minor income from our google adwords ads, which doesn't even cover our IT costs. We don't want to sell ads to museums and galleries, because we want to keep our independence. All expenses are covered by the contributors themselfs, who are also friends and share a passion for contemporary art. This is also the reason, why we cannot cover all exciting art events, as we would like to.


We are looking forward to an exciting debate on contemporary art that is important to all of us.


U. G. Lambert